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Kit x Cade Waterproof Bibs Range Launches in Australia

two toddlers wear cute elephant and koala bibs on a picnic mat eating yummy food

We are excited to have just launched our bibs range in Australia with our recent move to Sydney! If you’re new here, welcome. We are a small mama-run company wanting to transform dull baby essentials into an experience that sparks joy during messy occasions. Here’s an update on our Kit x Cade journey so far:

Let’s rewind to 2020. My husband and I relocated halfway across the world to the middle of nowhere – Tulsa, Oklahoma. We were eager to start this new chapter in our lives… until COVID lockdown hit, and we found ourselves stuck in the house with our 2-year-old toddler, Isla, with nothing much to do except snack… and clean up after endless snacky spills.

And I can tell you, there were a lot of spills. We are all for slow kids’ fashion and capsule wardrobes and all, but Isla’s clothes were getting ruined faster than I could say “don’t try to mix your milk with the spaghetti and mash it with your face!”. So, I did what any Mum would do: complained to my own Mum over FaceTime.

“Mum, I wish there was a bib that doubled as a raincoat!” I groaned. And she said the magic words: “Just make it happen!”.

And so, Kit x Cade was born. My bibs are waterproof, have a catch-all pocket, and are effortlessly easy to wipe or wash. They’re so irresistibly cute that even the fussiest toddler will want to wear them! I know this to be true because Isla was the fussiest, messiest, clumsiest eater you’ve ever seen. I spent over a year perfecting every detail of my bibs with Isla’s help, from the fabric to the stitch length. And let me tell you, (disclaimer: I am unashamedly biased), my bibs are a game-changer. They’re soft, flexible, and can last from first foods through preschool.

I launched my first range of three bibs in August 2021 after the most epic dream that I sold out in just three minutes. Plot twist, that didn’t happen… but sales were pretty good! Until, of course, life threw me a curveball. I got a lingering illness after the birth of our son, Finn, and then my husband got transferred to Dallas, Texas. So, we packed up and moved all over again. After a whirlwind few months setting up home and business in Texas and meeting incredible new customers from California to Japan, we set sail yet again for our new home, Sydney, Australia!

We are all settled into our new place in Sydney, and Kit x Cade is ready to help Aussie and Kiwi families have more fun and less mess. Our Koalie, Elie, and Flutter bibs are so darn cute, they’re going to be flapping their way to babies and toddlers all over the country and across the ditch in no time… or so we hope!

And the future? Baby and toddler slow fashion is what it’s all about. Taking extra care over the few outfits our kiddos have, rather than buying a bunch of cheap stuff that ends up in the bin. You’ll spend less time doing laundry or scrabbling around cleaning the floor and get family time back. And with Kit x Cade bibs, you can protect your kid’s outfit while they look cute as. It’s a win-win, baby!